Smoothly Patent Obtaining Facts

You have come up with an incredible idea, and now you want to patent it. Do you know the steps that need to be followed to get a patent? Here is a list of Facts you should know about obtaining a patent so that patent filing process goes as smoothly as possible for you.

Process of obtaining patent

The first step is the patent search, and this is perhaps the most important step

You should make sure that there hasn’t been a patent filed for your invention already. This includes patents for ideas or inventions that are very similar to yours even if they aren’t the same.
Should you find that there is one, you will need to head back to the drawing board and invent something new. This will help ensure you don’t end up in legal trouble being charged with infringement by the owner of the patent.

The paperwork is somewhat confusing and time-consuming

mouse and pen You may seek professional guidance from a patent attorney or a patent service firm for this part. While you are filling out the paperwork, you can apply for a provisional patent which allows you to mark your invention as having a patent pending. The provisional patent doesn’t require the formal explanation that the patent application requires. It is good for one year. You can also apply for a utility patent before the expiration of your provisional patent which will keep the patent pending status on your invention until you get the final decision from the patent board.

One of the hardest steps when you want to get a patent is waiting after you have filled out the application and submitted it

This can be an extremely long waiting time, and when it finally comes back, if it has not been approved, you may be asked for corrections on the part of the application. This means it, re-submitting and waiting some more.

Once the application is approved, you can file for the patent

This part does not take as long but is very important that you make sure everything is in order from beginning to end. Then you will get an approval letter from the examiner, and you will be on your way.

The next step is the publication, and this takes place within 18 months

bulb headThen all you will need to do is decide whether or not you are going to do the marketing and production or if you will find a patent services company to do it for you.¬†Once you are granted a patent you are going to pay the patent issue fee. This fee pays for the first few years that the patent is in effect, and you as the inventor will also need to pay the maintenance fees to prevent that patent from becoming void.…

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