5 Types of Drug Related Crimes

Every state strives to curb drug crimes involving the use of controlled substances. Controlled substances involve those drugs that law governs their usage and distribution. These substances are classified differently under federal and state statutes. Handling illegal drugs is usually associated with criminal offenses.

Types of Drug Crimes

1. Drug Traffickinghands

This crime involves transporting, selling or importing of illegal controlled drugs into the country. In most cases, it is carried out on a large scale. The charges of this crime depend on the amount and the type of drugs involved. Controlled drugs, in this case, includes; cocaine, morphine and anything outlined as illegal by the legal statutes

2. Drug Possession

It is a crime to possess controlled drugs for use or distribution. Simple possession of illegal drugs without prescription and intent to distribute is considered a crime. Before charging a person the government should prove that the individual had an invalid prescription and had sufficient quantity for sale. An example of drugs mostly possessed is cocaine and heroin

3. Drug Manufacturing

This refers to the use of laboratory or chemical processes to produce, create, or cook the controlled substances. Also, re-packaging of prescription drugs for resale without legal permission is considered a crime. It is charged to those individuals involved in large scale production. Cocaine is one drug that is commonly manufactured illegally.

4. Drug Cultivation

Cultivation involves the growing, possession or producing of naturally occurring elements. These elements are used to make illegal controlled substances. Examples of illegal drugs that are cultivated include marijuana plants and cannabis seeds for planting.

5. Drug Distribution

This involves delivering, providing or selling the controlled substances illegally. It also includes those individuals possessing and selling the drugs illegally. The distributors of illegally prescribed drugs are charged when arrested transporting these drugs. The sentences that come with these charges vary depending on the amount, type of drug and history of the offender.

old man6. Drug Abuse

Drug abuse refers to the illegal use of the controlled substances. Most individuals abuse drugs through oral consumption, smoking or injections. Drug abusers usually commit crimes to support their behavior. An example of an illegal drug commonly abused is the marijuana or cannabis.

The drug crime penalties depend on the state. The federal and state governments usually decide whether the drug related criminals should be charged at the federal or state level. The state in most cases charges and punishes the individuals. Drug abuse often leads to drug addiction. The dependence is associated with drug-related crimes whereby the drug effects contribute to the offense. Some of the common drug-related crimes include violence and stealing.…

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