Several Essential Social Media Monitoring Apps

It is essential to maintain a robust and assertive social media advertising campaign, where your marketing is powerful, and your business offers stand out and appear compelling and engaging. Tracking the results of your social media ad campaign is just as important. You need to keep your finger on the pulse and have as much control over your business’s success as possible so that it is effortless to see what is successful and what is not working. You can understand how people’s response to social media is by checking it on thinkbiganalytics. The following are several social media monitoring apps.

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Google Alerts

If you combine Google Alerts with iGoogle (Google’s web portal), you can create a concise page containing the most current results for your chosen keywords. This point costs nothing and is extremely easy to set up.

Twitter Advanced Search

After using the Twitter search tool’s advanced quality, you are ready to produce compelling search results. Once the search is set up, you can keep the searched phrases in an RSS feed so that the information you get is always up to date.


Although HootSuite is an account management application, it has a substantial user base and outstanding performance. You can always include updates on more than one social media profile at a time, click through, automate updates and monitor personal buzz.

Social Mentions

This app is a mix of easy-to-read metrics (like reach, comments, strength (quantity and daylight), and flame). They save your searches to an RSS feed so you can continue to find up-to-date information.


Icerocket allows you to see Twitter, websites, news, network images, and numerous other things. Some of the features are a list of references and a topic cloud.


This app has a one-page control panel, is free, and does a great job putting all your “buzz” in one place.


A list of some of Boardtracker’s features includes influencer tracking and a topic cloud. One somewhat negative feature is that you will come across ads mixed in with your search results. Nevertheless, you can buy a better version that does not have ads as part of the search results.


This app’s the same function as Hootsuite, and both tools can simultaneously handle many reports, which is familiar to many of your social media channels.

All in All

Social media monitoring tools and the metrics they provide you with are essential to the execution of your social media advertising campaign and your business’s best success. In case you are not paying attention to your business’s performance, you are only doing half the job. Numerous corporations use social media monitoring to increase their sales. These companies are educated enough to understand the importance of social media, the positive impact on their business, and how crucial the monitoring component of their program will be to their outstanding achievement.